Surviving the Dead Sea

Fantastic MRI today. Liver MRI which took ONE HOUR in the tunnel. One Hour. Plus I had a cage-like item on my chest, and had to hold by breath from 2-30 seconds at a shot. The good news is if I ever have to cross the Dead Sea in a coffin, I know Ill be able to hold my breath. Hopefully this is the last test till biopsy next week. Honestly Ive never had this many tests in my life.

On the upside I went to CVS and bought a hairdryer type item which has a brush on the end. Now I hate doing anything with my hair my I’m getting desperate because my hair has decided to become frizzy and weird. This magical device smoothed me right out. Yay for CVS.

Am now home in the midst of a Midsomer Murder and happily hanging with the husband. great end to a crap day.

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