See above. Thats me. The past couple of days, 3pm comes along and I decide to sleep for 3 hours at a shot. Now God knows I love naps more than normal people, but this is ridiculous. I lay down and am just thrilled to be in the bed. More thrilled than usual. My energy level is just not there. We took a walk yesterday and was half way through and needed a snack and my nap.

Saw GP today and she thinks this is just my body getting used to the meds. Lets just hope that’s true and Im not going to sleep the next 6 months away. Celebrating Sam and Milseys birthdays tonight so hopefully Ill stay awake through the meal…

2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. You should live on Branchville, Indian Cave is way too hot lover, the Guasti’s arrived perfectly flat .,, 🤣🤣🤣 discuss ! Perhaps Donald can bring some back !!! Just for reference it was more expensive to send it from Florida than the UK and they melted the goods ! WTH !!!


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