Soggy Bread

Yesterday went to the cardiologist. Just a check up and he’s adorable, so all good. Happily heart is still ticking. Interesting tidbit, while in the office found out about three people who’ve survived BC. It seems as though it’s everywhere. But its great to hear stories of survival and, as I’ve mentioned, its as though you’re in this weirdo club. Its a totally shitty club, but Im in it, so there you go.

We had a lovely weekend for Labor Day. We went to spend it with our friends Susan & Mila’s. Its always a relaxing time and Sam got to baby his knee and Phillip came out too so we all had a fun time. I drove both ways and its a miracle we arrived anywhere. Never do I realize I hate people more than when Im driving. Cant people stay in their lanes? Cant they not cut me off? Cant they just leave me the fuck alone? ARGHHH. My husband is very calm and just lets me rant at all the stupid people. He’s so good.

Then back to the regular. GMA regaled me with how she was alone all weekend. ALONE. Oy. Also Meals on Wheels is a problem. The bread is soggy. The meals are small. Good times being had by one and all. So that needs sorted. Everyday a new challenge.

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