Shitty, Cranky, Crabby

Thats how I feel. Saw poor Dr L today and let him have it. Ive had a series of yeast infections and UTIs that have flattened me. Im now on second round of antibiotics because latest UTI has decided it wants to stay forever. My back hurts, Im crampy and Im done. I had a mini breakdown because I just feel so shitty.

Our neighbors came over for dinner last night and we were discussing what could be the issue. According to DR. today, its because treatment is squeezing every drop of estrogen out of my system which is making me like a barren desert. So therefore, susceptible to every infection on earth. The only thing that will help, evidently, is a vaginal suppository EVERY DAY which sounds like I may just kill myself now and get it over with.

Next step

Other than that, treatment is still going well. Tumor continues to soften and shrink. Dr very happy, even when Im telling him how miserable I am. Schedule is now back to surgery in November, so probably right before Thanksgiving.

Good news: Phillip is starting his new bartender job this upcoming week. Miles accepted an offer to work in Chicago after graduation at Marathon Capital where he interned over the summer. Eileen is coming today to take my mind off things and I just took Advil so hopefully that will kick in. Later there’ll be alcohol, so there’s that…ugh.

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