Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a good one. First of all, not dead, so yay for that. I spent the beginning of the day doing normal things; pain management Dr (who said shots in back are not doing trick so Im off to try acupuncture), grocery shopping, laundry. I got taken out to lunch by Mary C. and had a dinner celebration at home with Sam and Phillip and GMA and I was thrilled to raise over $1100 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I really had never heard of this fundraising option through Facebook and when it popped up I figured Meh, lets give it a shot. Im so happy that so many people donated to this wonderful cause because Im so grateful to have the exceptional care and drugs to fight this, while other women (and men) do not.

Forgot to write about crazy GMA last week. I was in a really foul mood and she calls to say “She’s bringing something over” at 6 pm. Thank god Phillip was home and he headed her off at the pass. She gave him a bag and left. So we get the bag in the house and there’s a big bunch of mums (nice), 2 bags of potatoes (?) and her wallet. So Phillip has to return said wallet, and he brings the potatoes back bc THATS a weird combo to bring over, but whatever. She says, “No, no the potatoes are yours. The display was so nice I thought your mother would like them.” Can someone explain how potatoes would elicit such a reaction? Help me.

Then Eileen came for 5 days from Atlanta and we had a wonderful time. We hung out, saw the Downton Abbey movie (main purpose of visit and we both agree we’d like to live right inside that movie), started new knitting projects, went in NYC to meet her sister and really had fun. We saw a play called Betrayal with Tom Hiddleson. He was great, play was sad and a little stilted but interesting. Plus we saw a woman with earring that were goldfish in a bag, if you can imagine such a thing. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s class. Plus, my little pyromaniac husband got to make the first fire of the season over the weekend and he was thrilled.

This week taking it easy. Phillip is starting a new job at a local pub. Tonight is the opening and he’s nervous, but Im sure it will be fine. His gimlet game has definitely been brought up a notch. Next week heading out to NOLA to see the baby son, so Im sure Ill be exhausted, but cant wait to see him after so long. Looking forward to seeing all his friends and having some great meals and Susan is coming to see her godmother so it will be a party!

One thought on “Birthday Girl

  1. Love the 2 bags of potatoes, because of the lovely display. I will never look at a display of potatoes the same again. Laughed all night!


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