The Day Before

This morning I had to be at the radiation section of Norwalk Hospital at 7:30. Was waiting for Barb, who totally misunderstood the timing and she came rounding the corner at 7:10. We drove like a bat out of hell to the facility and was sure if the cancer didn’t get me, Barbs driving would. The good news is she had me hysterical laughing the whole way so I wasn’t as nervous as I was at 1:30 this morning when I was up.

I had a chip inserted. Another procedure where you are put in the mammogram machine, and while compressed like a pancake, a lidocaine shot goes in, then the chip is inserted through the needle to help Dr. C see where to cut. It was the worst because you’re compressed, and they’re looking at images, checking records…I’m like, “Hi. Still in machine…care to hurry this along?” I also had to go this afternoon to the hospital to get an injection of radioactive dye which comes in an old green metal box that looks like it’s from WWII.

In between, came home and finished up Xmas cards, and Mary C dropped off a bunch of books for recovery and a “Necessity Bag” from a group in town. It included pillows made by Methodist women so I’m all set. Maury dropped off the MOST adorable lamb hot/cold wrap and a cozy throw, and Evie brought more books so I’m ready to spend the month reading! I’ve had a million messages and everyone is so thoughtful, I’m feeling the love going into tomorrow.

The Loot

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