She’s on the Move

Lots of news. Two weeks ago GMA slid off her bed and apparently bruised her coccyx. I hadn’t heard from her by 10:30am on that day and tried to call, twice, with no answer which is weird. So off I go to see if everything ok and she’s laying on the floor and cant get up. She’d been laying there for about 1 hr and I had to have Sam come and pick her up and get her sorted.

Was she wearing the pendent for the people to come if she falls? No, don’t be ridiculous. Clearly this move is coming not a moment too soon. She seems like her back bothered her for the following days but was acting normally, albeit with constant complaining. Prior to this she went to see Newtown Assisted Living and decided that was the place for her. She got reacquainted with many people she used to know and everyone was very kind. She really was open to the idea. So we were on the right track.

Two days after the fall, we had an appointment to get her assessment for care at Newtown. Even after fall, it was deemed she was only a level 1 which is great because every step higher is an extra 900$ per month and we are trying to make her money last as long as possible. She even got to see 6 visiting 4 week old corgi puppies (which I was desperate to bring home because they’re delicious). We leave there, everything great.

The plan was to move her the next Thursday but unfortunately, due to everyone moving hither and yon, movers are hard to get. Got a date of August 5. Meanwhile, Gma and her friends go to an outdoor concert last Sunday and I think she walked way too much because this Monday I go over and she cant walk, or move and in a lot of pain. Here we go again, calling the ambulance (which turned out to be genius move number 1). At the hospital the Xray etc and nothing broken or fractured so good news there. Meanwhile, I’m going up and down hallways, talking to anyone who will listen, that she CANT GO HOME, SHES NOT SAFE. Not difficult to plead my case, due to the reason we’re there. I said she has to go to Newtown rehab (which is connected to Assisted Living she’s going to) so when her apartment is done next week, she can just wheel over to the other side of the building and thats it. (genius move number 2).

Every guardian angel was on deck, because the plan is going great. She’s in there and I’ve spent every day picking out correct apartment, dealing with bills, figuring out her paperwork (which puts you in her headspace and its a scary place to be) that has writing all over it, around the edges and on the back. A birds eye view into the mind of a lunatic.

Yesterday her helper Alene came to help me and she is gold. We got through so much, tossed a ton, recycled, cleaned. Today we’re going to start to pack up for the move. I have not seen GMA since Wed. but I’m so stressed I just cant until all of this is over. I cant sleep, my jaw is tight and Im an emotional wreck. I cant wait to this portion of the program to be over.

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