Alternate Reality

It’s Monday but let me share what happened Friday. I spent the day over there cleaning and packing. I finally get home and about 3pm GMA calls and says;

“Deborah Ann, You must come here immediately! We are going out to eat and I need my purse!”

Someone explain where she’s going, from the nursing home? Has Le Cirque opened for the geriatric set without me knowing? I said “Sorry, spent the day cleaning, Im not coming over” So that passed by.

Fast forward 2 hours, Sam and I planning on going to a neighborhood get together. She calls twice. Whispering urgently in the phone:

“Deborah Ann, You must come here immediately! Theres a man in my room!” I don’t want something to happen!” OY. We all know if something was going to happen, she would be the number one target (insert eye roll)

We call the nurses station and OF COURSE THERES NO MAN. Nurse laughs and says “Its her roommate (a lady) who she thinks is “weird”. What a wacko.

Saturday comes and I totally plotz. I cant move. I cant think, etc. If I get through this week, it’ll be a miracle. Made Walmart and Home Goods run today. Tomorrow is getting TV and wall stuff hung in new place. Meanwhile when I saw her today, she wanted to make sure she had her crystal in the new place. For all the dinner parties she’ll be hosting. Jesus help me.

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