She’s on the move

This last week was a whirlwind. Back and forth. Back and forth. Between my house, GMAs house, assisted living place. On Thursday the movers came, took all the furniture for the new place and boxes etc. Sam and Phillip were there for reinforcements and off we went. By the end of the day the new apartment was completely unpacked, including clothes hung, dressers filled, pictures hung etc. The guys helped with breaking down boxes, getting rid of garbage etc. By the end of the day, her new place looked very much like her old place, which should be comforting for her.

Then came more Walmart/Home Goods/Target trips. Next I donated the car to the Veterans of America, so she can’t threaten to drive. Saturday we dropped off stuff and brought her over to see the room. She was very happy but confused. We met a couple of residents and they were great. Very friendly and said they’d help her settle in. The good news is everyone there is lovely.

Next on the agenda is getting her apartment here ready for sale. My friend Mary helped me Friday, and I made 5 trips to Goodwill with stuff. Millions of things she never touched in the 11 years she was there, even though when we moved her from her house she NEEDED the baking stuff, cooking stuff etc. I’ll still need to make God only knows how many more trips but its looking ok.

Today was the big move-in day. I waited for the phone guy to hook up her line for 7 hrs, if you can believe such a thing. She’s in, but confused. I told her I’m not coming back till Thurs. and she looked at me like I was crazy, so I told her I’ve been there every day for 2 weeks and I need to do stuff at home, mostly for her. Im swinging on the end of the rope.


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