I’m Baaack

What is there to say really? Same as everyone in the world, we been in quarantine and laying low.

Ive been doing some work with my old boss Susan and that’s kept me busy and my mind off just being at home all the time. Now that the weather is starting to get better, we’re toying with the idea of hitting the beach (obviously away from everyone), or just visiting somewhere for the day that’s NOT here.

The boys have been working on their project of steps leading up to bocce court. They’ve really outdone themselves and its looking terrific. They’re almost done with the stairs and perhaps they’ll add a little patio at the top. Heres where its at so far:

Just this past week, after 3 months, we actually went out to dinner for Miles’ birthday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in town. They did a wonderful job separating everyone outside and it was a great meal. Miles’ girlfriend Meg came and it was great to see her. She’s been one of the only people visiting because her family has been seriously quarantining too.

Ive been talking to everyone, obviously. But its not the same. I miss hanging out with my friends and just being around people. I know I’m so lucky to have the boys (all 3), and I need to shut up, but I still miss everyone. Im hoping soon we can return to some kind of semblance of normal. Im scared of the second wave and how people are really flagrantly ignoring the rules of quarantine. I suppose we will have to wait and see how this all shakes out.

Meanwhile, in GMA land, she finally got her hair done. Hallelujah. So off she went to the mall and she was thrilled. I have an appt for next week and Im excited, too. I look similar to the Wicked Witch of the West. Ive been taking her to a myriad of dr appts because when your 1) 87ish and 2) Gma, each day is a new problem. After we sorted the drs for the day on Monday, then she then brings up there’s problems with the sinks in the apt and can I have the imaginary handyman come to fix them, because “there are very well known handymen in Ridgefield”. Who these people are is a mystery, but now I have a new project. Yay for me. Todays doctor is a vein specialist because her foot swelled up and we don’t know why. So we’re going this afternoon and hopefully they’ll figure out what’s happening. Next week its the back doctor and perhaps we’ll throw in the eye doctor too, because, why not. Between her drs and my drs, the visits go on and on till the break of dawn.

Mothers Day Quarantine

Hello, hello, hello. Its been about a month since I last updated because in the middle of a quarantine there’s not much to say. Where have we gone…nowhere. What have we done…nothing. Who have we seen…no one. You get the idea. Ive been extremely careful about where I go, so basically I stay home. My health is progressively getting better (normal) and Im back on the trial drugs so just a little sleepy here and there. I did get to pick up Miles in NJ and that was terrific. I was so relieved to have him home.

Last weekend Sam bought a new car because his 14 yr old one has finally said “No thank you” to driving around. We then proceeded to go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx for a drive out (probably not one of our smarter moves) but we really wanted to take the new wheels for a spin and Sam suggested the Avenue. I wasn’t going to get out of the car, but we found a spot on the street and Sam actually parked in it. On the street. In the Bronx. Day 2 of new car. Who is this guy and where did he put my husband? Not everything was open, but we got some deli stuff and some pastries (we were the only people in the shop) and we all felt like we had been on vacay for the day. We were missing the Zoo and the Botanical Garden and are anxious for them to reopen, like everyone else.

This weekend was Mothers Day and it was the best ever. Miles made a superb breakfast and we all played Monopoly in the morning. Sammy won and was very proud. Gma came over and actually behaved herself. We played cards outside, had lots of cocktails and the boys made a great dinner for us. Gma then brings up how when she dies she wants to be cremated, and with me. So even when I die, there she’ll be. Then she wants a “tea”. Please don’t ask what that is bc who knows. Always something to look forward to with her.

Here she is bundled up like a gnome playing cards.
Me and the Boys
Discussing the funeral, hopefully I won’t kill her soon…

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day and that you are holding up during this crazy time. Its been hard but the one thing I know is that Im grateful for my family and that we are all here together.


The results are in and Im negative for Corona! I actually feel a lot better. I think I just had some sort of weird Spring virus. The headache, after 4 days has finally subsided and though I still have a bit of achiness, Im fine.

Easter was nice yesterday, and yes, Lynn, I made the dinner. We even had Gma over because I felt guilty. I made her stay outside the house. Thank god it was a lovely day. Meanwhile, she fell 2 days ago because I told her I got tested and she decides to get me flowers. She calls the Stop and Shop, HAS THEM DELIVER FLOWERS TO HER, then proceeds to FALL IN THE HALLWAY. Then she crawls to the neighbors door, bangs on it with her cane, to help her. THEN has THE NEIGHBOR DELIVER THE FLOWERS TO ME! Im telling you, she’s completely crazy. I was so mad at her because she could have really hurt herself for no good reason. But you cannot reason or explain to her, so there we are.

I also gave Phillip and Sam haircuts yesterday. I watched a YouTube video and they actually turned out good. Not Salon good, but not totally embarrassing either and I didn’t even leave a hole in the back of anyones head like last time. We FaceTimed with Miles and Meg who had a fabulous brunch together in the house. They’re doing good and everyone in the house isn’t killing each other so everyone is happy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and am looking forward to more good weather and time outside.

No Picnic

Yesterday I got tested for Covid 19. And it was, you guessed it, no picnic.

I’d been having a slight sore throat for a couple days. Then chills. Yesterday I woke up with a slight fever (100.6), had a headache and cough (again, slight). I figured I better call the dr because I have the immune system of a gnat. She said I better go get tested because I cant take any chances. I called the local hospital, and I got an appointment for the afternoon.

Sam (brave thing) came with me. Whilst waiting, we see a car in front of us…

Alibis R Us

I, of course, read this as alibis. We were dying trying to come up with different alibis we could give people. He was with me all night, She was at the restaurant etc…Meanwhile it took us 2 hours to get to the tent where the test was because the printer wasn’t working. Finally we get up to the tent. It was POURING rain and these poor people were out there for god knows how long and still were as pleasant and lovely as they could be. Then then nurse says “Im going to swab your nose, try not to move your head.” I thought I was going to die.


This is what happens. Look above. Im gasping and choking. Sam is horrified. It only took a couple seconds but it was terrible. So, we’ll learn the results anywhere from today to 5 days from now. Im quarantined in the bedroom.

Today still have headache, but no fever. The doc said this may be just a spring virus, which I hope is right. Only time will tell, and at least I have my alibi straight.

Insulin Schimsulin

Had a video meeting with the endocrinologist yesterday. Blood work has shown I am not a type one diabetic, so good news there. However insulin therapy so far has not worked out. Numbers are still very high with no rhyme or reason. It doesn’t matter what I eat, or don’t eat. So our next plan is to have me stab myself in the stomach before every meal AND bedtime with 2 different insulins. Sometimes when your sugar gets as high as mine, it wants to stay there. But if you attack it you may be able to get it down then try and hold it at the lower number. I will be on this regime for a week and then reconvene with DR.

Meanwhile I’ve tried not to watch much about the virus on TV. However, today I tuned in and have decided I may have crush on Cuomo. I love the way he tells it like it is. He may be a bully, but he’s my kind of bully and is certainly more trustworthy and competent than our ridiculous leader. Just listening to him makes me feel that we may actually get through this at some point.

Today am making bolognese sauce and am dying my hair red. I got a kit from Amazon and who knows how it will turn out. Ill either look like Lucille Ball, or Christina Hendricks (sans boobs) OR Ronald McDonald. Only time will tell…

Bubbling away

Yay for Me!

Today was my LAST radiation treatment! Hallelujah! It was a real drag, though I have to say I loved my therapists. Everything is going ok. I have “sunburn” in the area of radiation and am starting to get small pockets of tiny water blisters from the treatment, but in a couple weeks Ill be fine.

I was so excited to throw away my Toms deodorant (no offense to Toms users but I loathe and despise it because its like rubbing a thick cake on your skin bc no alcohol which is why its good for radiation – no stinging) I tell this to my therapists and they’re like “dig it back out of garbage because you need to use it for another week or two.” God dammit. Back to stupid Toms.

Then went home and had this feast:

Then decided to clean and organize the bathroom closet, God help me

I think by the end of the virus quarantine, my house will be stunning! At least something good is coming of it…

So Sad

Well this was a shitty week. The Coronavirus has taken control and this week people have gone insane. Every day there’s more and more information, stats etc and its scary. Schools everywhere are closed along with businesses. Tulane has gone to online classes and they’ve sent all freshman and sophomores home. Im worried about Miles and I want him to come home, but he says he’s ok for now. Im worried they’ll cancel domestic flights. We’ve cancelled the trip to FL after radiation. Im so sad. I was really looking forward to it. But I need to be smart about exposure, plus everything down there is closing too, so not much fun.

I started the insulin this week and its slowly working. Plus I get to have fun stabbing myself in the stomach every day. Have started the marijuana meds and so far so good. I love the cream for my back. Definitely working.

At hospital they are now screening everyone who comes in. Today the security guard, who has seen me every morning, asks me if Ive been out of the country in the last 3 weeks. I said “Im sorry, have you not seen me EVERY MORNING FOR THE LAST 5 WEEKS? He laughed and said “go ahead.” Idiot.

So I guess we’re all at home for the foreseeable future. What a drag.


I did some research last night, during my melt down. So apparently Type 2 DOES NOT morph into Type 1. With adult onset, Type 1 is usually misdiagnosed as Type 2. It can be managed for a while (years) before it cant be managed with oral meds anymore.

Im hoping all this is really just because of stress and it will resolve after this whole radiation thing ends. I do know Im more stressed now that ever before in this whole process. Ugh.

Today was a Shit Show

Let me back up. I saw my GP to discuss the med marijuana card (ok) and she wanted to get a check on my A1C. A1C is a blood test for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. It measures your average blood glucose, or blood sugar, level over the past 3 months. Doctors may use the A1C alone or in combination with other diabetes tests to make a diagnosis. They also use the A1C to see how well you are managing your diabetes. When I was checked in November my A1C was 7 and everyone was ok with that, and all my other numbers were good. When I had it checked this week, it was 10. Everyone in an uproar.

So today I got to go to cardiologist and radiation in am. Cardiologist doesn’t know why numbers have gone crazy. Had an appointment with endocrinologist this afternoon.

Great news: either 1) My numbers are crazy because my body is upset due to cancer drugs/treatment/stress. Or 2) cancer has spread to pancreas OR 3) I have miraculously switched from a type 2 diabetic to a type 1 diabetic. I now have to take my blood twice a day, and shoot myself in the stomach once a day with insulin. This, evidently happens more than you think. Type 2’s can control their sugar levels with medication. Until they can’t. It happens slowly and then it seems medications cant control it anymore.

Ive had it. Have plunged into depression and waiting for my long suffering husband to get home. The good news is I got my pot card so I may just spend the rest of my life high as a kite and huddled in the corner…

The Princess

Last weekend we headed to Pittsburgh to see the family and try to figure out my father-in-law’s house. The great news is our nephew is going to buy the property and we are all thrilled that we are going to keep it in the family.

The BEST part of the weekend was seeing my nieces baby, Rose. She is a ball of deliciousness and it was lovely being able to hold her and get to know her (even though she’s only 2 mos.!) My niece is doing great and is as calm as a cucumber. Im very proud of her. The only downside was the drive (8 hrs) which was a lot. I did a bunch of errands when we got back and today I was pooped.

The Princess

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Katie and she did acupuncture on me and suggested I try edible marijuana to help with the “zings” of pain that are happening more and more because of the radiation. So now I’m trying to get a medical marijuana card so I can get at the local dispensary. It should be interesting, since I have zero experience with it and have never used it. We’ll see how THAT goes.

I’ve also resigned from my job with Roberts magazine. I realized there’s too many health issues going on, in addition to Gma, and there’s much stress. I need to simplify. Robert was very understanding, and I grateful he took the news so well.

It was a big week, and tomorrow we tackle taxes. Lord help us.

PS: Shout out to Lynn Heisler who keeps sending great words on encouragement which I really appreciate! XO